Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Those Sunday Drives and Gatherings ...

We are in limbo ... too early to tear down the house (obviously ... camping all winter , not really), too early to start building, too soon to pack.
So what do you do ? Well ... start selling anything you don't need. That's what we are doing. Every Sunday we choose a room and dive in ... gathering items we no longer want or need, have never wanted or needed, or will not have room for. We aim for a minimum of 10 each week. Then we photograph them and upload them to a local yard sale site or Kijiji. And then the selling begins !! Sunday night is spent answering questions and arranging pick ups. Monday is usually a day of answering more emails, meeting the buyers, and collecting the money. Any unsold items go in a yard sale box for fall. And then I set the selling aside until next Sunday - I really do need to get actual work done too ! lol.  It may seem like little bits but the jar is filling up and the best part is that we are ridding ourselves of extra possessions and clearing clutter - at a profit !
And then there are the Sunday drives ... we drive around guessing at the sizes of houses, comparing roof lines, ogling siding, viewing colours ... all the while dreaming our little dream. I love Sundays.

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