Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Purge & Plod Along ...

Not much happening on the Tiny House Front, aside from the usual. We are continuing the Great Purge of 2015 although the sweltering heat is keeping us out of the upstairs spare rooms - and they are the good ones, lol. Full of potential Kijiji & yardsale loot ! But each week we gather, we photograph, I list, and we sell. Five things picked up so far this week with several more to go. It's very satisfying to be getting rid of "stuff" - and that's all it is at this point - and actually getting money for that very stuff. Cool concept !!
I have started a magazine purge ... I'm sure we could almost construct a house out of magazines ... yikes ! I sit down every night with a stack and pull out any articles I might "need". I have just one binder so far and it isn't even full ! I have 6 bags of magazines done so far ... I'll pass them on to some other hoarder reader and they can get some enjoyment out of them. It is a bit disturbing to think that many of these magazines were in the $10 to $15 range EACH. I could have paid for a foundation with the money. I guess I only thought of each magazine and never really thought of the cumulative total. But, I am happy to say that I haven't bought a magazine since we started this process ... I just can't bring myself to do it. That's not to say that I never will, but I certainly will be sure there are multiple ... and I mean multiple multiple ... articles of interest before I do. It is amazing how this process changes your perspective on spending. So 2 full shelves done so far ... and many more shelves to go , but very satisfying. It's at least something that I can wade through until the heat breaks and I can start plowing through boxes. So, with that, I'm off to read & tear !

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Construction Starting Early ??

We came home the other night to find some strange work had been done on our house ... the electrical wires up to the house just under the second floor roof had been wrapped in wadded up plastic and electrical tape. A long yellow protective sleeve went from taped up wires out towards the pole. Hmmm ? Strange ... was there some sort of renovation or repair that we were unaware of ? Finally curiosity got the best of us and C. called the power company. Oops. They apologized. It was supposed to be done to the lighthouse across the street in anticipation of painting and repairs. The same lighthouse that has no civic number so ours was given as a reference. But the computer doesn't understand reference and simply posts it to the work order. We had a good laugh and assured them that it was no big deal. It will just add more mystery to "what the heck are they doing over there ??". lol.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Those Sunday Drives and Gatherings ...

We are in limbo ... too early to tear down the house (obviously ... camping all winter , not really), too early to start building, too soon to pack.
So what do you do ? Well ... start selling anything you don't need. That's what we are doing. Every Sunday we choose a room and dive in ... gathering items we no longer want or need, have never wanted or needed, or will not have room for. We aim for a minimum of 10 each week. Then we photograph them and upload them to a local yard sale site or Kijiji. And then the selling begins !! Sunday night is spent answering questions and arranging pick ups. Monday is usually a day of answering more emails, meeting the buyers, and collecting the money. Any unsold items go in a yard sale box for fall. And then I set the selling aside until next Sunday - I really do need to get actual work done too ! lol.  It may seem like little bits but the jar is filling up and the best part is that we are ridding ourselves of extra possessions and clearing clutter - at a profit !
And then there are the Sunday drives ... we drive around guessing at the sizes of houses, comparing roof lines, ogling siding, viewing colours ... all the while dreaming our little dream. I love Sundays.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Our plans have arrived ! There are a few changes ... like a window upstairs ( who has a view like this and doesn't have a window ??) and a few other small things but we are on our way ! It is so exciting to see it drawn out for real. On paper. A concrete plan. Thrilled.