Saturday, August 15, 2015

Construction Starting Early ??

We came home the other night to find some strange work had been done on our house ... the electrical wires up to the house just under the second floor roof had been wrapped in wadded up plastic and electrical tape. A long yellow protective sleeve went from taped up wires out towards the pole. Hmmm ? Strange ... was there some sort of renovation or repair that we were unaware of ? Finally curiosity got the best of us and C. called the power company. Oops. They apologized. It was supposed to be done to the lighthouse across the street in anticipation of painting and repairs. The same lighthouse that has no civic number so ours was given as a reference. But the computer doesn't understand reference and simply posts it to the work order. We had a good laugh and assured them that it was no big deal. It will just add more mystery to "what the heck are they doing over there ??". lol.

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