Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tick Tock

It's getting closer ... and real. Our plans have gone for the last revisions. The demolition permit has been applied for. The enormity of the clearing out task is hitting me ... yikes. We are figuring out what we are keeping, what we will need in the trailer to live with this summer,  what we can get rid of at spring clean up, who we will hire for various jobs, what things will cost, what our budget is ... so much to think about. But first we have a few big jobs at each of our businesses,  the 2015 books to finish, and a few other odds'n'ends. Then the real work starts !
I am putting April 1st - no joke , lol - as our start date. That's when the checklists,  give/keep/sell bags, and packing boxes come out. That's when we start building our storage building and getting ready to move. That's when the trailer gets cleaned out, repaired, and prepped for being our home. The tools will come out, cleaning and sorting will begin, and we will be on our way !
I saw this the other day and figured it pretty much summed up how we roll ...
Here's to greatness !

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